Communities Living and Inspiring Mutuality (CLAIM) supports and encourages the development of peer-led Inspiring Mutuality™ and Awakened Mutuality™ groups, based on the foundational teachings of Saniel Bonder and as currently expressed by teachers of the Human Sun Institute and teachers of the Trillium Awakening™ path, as a means to harmoniously support all elements of the community.

Mutuality is relational disposition that holds both self and others as unique expressions of Being. It involves honoring your true and total self while also making room for others to do the same—which can be quite challenging at times. Mutuality is the exploration, ever-deepening recognition, and claiming of your authentic nature through vulnerable self-expression, even when that might be unwelcome. Mutuality is enhanced by seeing and calling forth the divinity in one another, so we offer profound compassion, conscious listening and reflection. Mutuality also supports us in encountering our broken zones, and further integrating embodied consciousness through our human experience. See More on Mutuality.

Prior to the inception of CLAIM, those interested in building community mutuality groups and serving the needs of their community members have had to do so on their own. We have synthesized the best practices of other successful community building organizations, combining it with our own field-tested framework—helping group facilitators and community organizers break down barriers, build trust, forge meaningful relationships, and serve people more effectively.

CLAIM is proud to serve communities following the dharmic principles and practices of Waking Down in Mutuality® and Trillium Awakening™ by providing structure and support for peer-led mutuality groups and awakened mutuality groups (for those integrated in awakened life), as well as resources that help to inspire regional communities to flourish and grow. CLAIM exists so that communities are empowered with the guidance, support, and care needed to help individuals grow through interpersonal connection, awaken to their authentic nature, and live more resilient and resourceful lives. Contact us today to find out how we can support you to begin offering mutuality groups in your area.