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We are delighted to announce that CLAIM is offering Free Monthly Conference Calls, on the 3rd Thursday of Every Month. Each call will provide resources and information valuable to those wishing to begin leading, or further develop, an informal Waking Down in Mutuality community in their area. These calls will primarily focus on groups and communities where a Waking Down in Mutuality Teacher is not in residence.

Over the course of the coming year, we plan to interview and/or co-lead calls with people who are already organizing informal WDM communities and leading successful groups. Each call with have a specific topic, and we’ll allow plenty of time for Q&A and interaction with participants on the call. If you’re not already registered on the CLAIM website, please REGISTER to receive future call information, and to download call recordings if you are unavailable to call-in live.

Recordings will be posted in the Free Monthly Conference Calls forum. You’ll need to be logged in to view our forums.