Communities Living And Inspiring Mutuality (CLAIM) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Your donations are tax deductible, as of December 15, 2011, the date of CLAIM’s formation.

CLAIM exists so that people are empowered with the guidance, support, and care needed to awaken to their authentic self-expression and live more resilient and resourceful lives. We support and encourages the development and flourishing of groups where individuals discover and honor their own inner authority; enjoy a true sense of belonging and welcome; experience greater joy, gratitude, and grace; exhibit greater courage and clarity of purpose; and enjoy greater creativity and authentic self-­expression.

CLAIM assists and nurtures communities in which community members are encourages to embrace diversity and uniqueness in others; cultivate courage, compassion, and connection; encourage and appreciate self-expression and authentic communication in others; maintain a safe space for individuals to explore their vulnerability and unique human nature; and naturally and spontaneously see the emerging perfection in others.

Your donations allow us to provide the support, resource materials, and guidance necessary to help community organizers and mutuality group facilitators build and lead thriving communities grounded in the principles and practices of mutuality. We appreciate your contributions, and are deeply grateful for your support.

Through your support and the efforts of CLAIM, thriving communities, and flourishing, self-­aware individuals will transform the way humanity lives, loves, and leads.

Greg Aurand,

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