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December 11, 2014

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December 11, 2014

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    Entering and Empowering the Community: Welcoming Newcomers and Creating Governance
    from December 11, 2014 with Greg Aurand of CLAIM, and Eric Grace & Margit Bantowsky of the Waking Down Community Network (WDCN).
    Special Guests, Max Goler and Saniel Bonder.

    Entering Empowering the Community: Welcoming Newcomers & Creating Governance

    This is second in a series of four calls organized by WDCN.
    The overall goal of this series calls is to:

    • Serve the WD community by providing opportunities to have live conversations about issues of interest.
    • Bring what we learned from last year’s community survey to bear on how we navigate forward together.

    Conference Call Highlights:

    • Hear some more exciting results from our Worldwide Waking Down Community Survey.
    • Explore and discuss low-cost options for engaging WD.
    • Find out about new resources being developed for welcoming newcomers, and starting and supporting new communities.
    • Discover fun opportunities for synergistic cross pollination of community brilliance and problem solving.
    • Be part of the evolutionary edge of Waking Down and learn how to help co-create global WD community governance.
    • Hear an update on the progress being made on the Next Steps process.
    • Sneak Peek at what we’ve got in store for you in upcoming community calls!

    Resources Mentioned on the Call:

    Oct 15 Community Call Recording
    In case you missed the October 15th, 2014 Community Conference Call “Engaging & Epressing Our Collective Voice: A Renaissance of WD Community,” you can listen to the recording at:
    CLAIM website: http://inspiringmutuality.org/forums/topic/wd-community-call-recordingoctober-15-2014/
    Quick Reference Materials (e.g. Guidelines for WD Mutuality Groups, Intro to WD Sittings, Guidelines for Conflict Resolution, etc.) http://www.wakingdown.org/for-reference/

    Free Resources from IAM (Institute of Awakened Mutuality), e.g. ongoing teleconference series, audio recordings, free videos, essays, etc. http://www.awakenedmutuality.org/resources

    Free or Low-Cost Virtual Mutuality Groups

    Amy Conger’s annual Sacred Summer Celebration on her farm in Maryland

    Free Waking Down Community Podcasts – check out the 5 excellent podcasts that are now available to you, including the most recent one mentioned on the call: Holacracy and WDTA Governance, and interview with Cielle Backstrom and Deborah Boyar.

    Info on the WDTA’s governance process and structure

    WDCN’s Community Survey
    For a comprehensive look at the WDCN community survey results which were discussed on the October Community Call you can visit: http://www.mutuality.net/surveyresults.html.

    Max’s Statement on “Next Steps” process: http://www.inspiringmutuality.org/?p=753

    Saniel’s Statement on “Next Steps” process: http://www.inspiringmutuality.org/?p=755

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    WD Intro Night
    Help Gena Netten develop a WD “Intro Night” including a video project and handouts.
    Contact Gena http://teachers.wakingdown.org/GenaNetten

    Virtual Mutuality Groups
    Help Gena Netten provide technical support to Virtual Mutuality Groups

    WD Community Resources
    Help the WDCN compile a Community Resources webpage w/ videos, essays, youtube, etc.
    contact us at WDCN@mutuality.net

    WDCN & Community Governance
    Participate with WDCN in exploring Holacracy and developing WD Community Governance. We are looking for people who:

    • have organizational development experience
    • demonstrated skills in and commitment to mutuality (including coconut yoga)
    • are a seasoned WD practitioner and are dedicated to the flourishing of the entire WD ecosystem (including practitioners, mentors, and teachers)

    Contact us at WDCN@mutuality.net

    Waking Down Podcast
    The following opportunities exist:

    • Host your own Waking Down Related episodes
    • Help with producing and/or editing audio podcast episodes
    • We’re exploring Video Podcast options—help with  producing and/or editing video podcast segments

    Contact Greg at director@inspiringmutuality.org

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