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March 18, 2015

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March 18, 2015

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    The Myths and Magic of Mutuality
    from March 18, 2015 with Greg Aurand of CLAIM, and Eric Grace & Margit Bantowsky of the Waking Down Community Network (WDCN).
    Special Guests, Waking Down teachers Rod Taylor, Bonita Williams, and Steve Boggs
    Audio excerpts from a pre-recorded interview with Saniel Bonder, the founder of Waking Down in Mutuality.
    Shared content from Ted Strauss and Krishna Gauci
    The Myths and Magic of Mutuality

    This is third in a series of four calls organized by WDCN.
    The overall goal of this series calls is to:

    1. Serve the Waking Down community by providing opportunities to have live conversations about issues of interest.
    2. Bring what we learned from last year’s community survey to bear on how we navigate forward together.

    Conference Call Highlights:

    • Explore and discuss common myths of mutuality.
    • Learn about pitfalls and things that undermine mutuality.
    • Hear about the heart of mutuality – what it’s really about.
    • Find out about the powerful alchemy and magic of mutuality.
    • Explore the limits of mutuality, and how & when practical tools can help.
    • Discover how setting boundaries fits into mutuality.
    • Learn how authority & hierarchy issues affect mutuality
    • Consider the differences between 1st life and 2nd life mutuality.

    Resources Mentioned on the Call:

    The Institute of Awakened Mutuality will soon be offering a new course on Mutuality. It will be a week-long course for people who are into WD, and is open to both those in first life as well as second life. The course is already developed and will be known as Mutuality and Relating with Awareness. Current plans are to offer it sometime later this year. http://www.awakenedmutuality.org

    We’re delighted to announce Rod’s new book “New Principles of Awakened Relationship – Mutuality as a Dynamic Component of Our Awakening Nature.” It contains a wealth of great information about mutuality and I encourage folks to check it out. There’s a free online version, or for a small fee you can get it in Kindle or PDF format. You can contact Rod through his WD teachers’ page, or you can find it at http://www.awakened-relationship.com

    Saniel’s Interview is now available on the wakingdownpodcast.com website. The episode is called “The Medicine of Mutuality” http://www.wakingdownpodcast.com/medicine-of-mutuality-with-saniel-bonder – You can also subscribe to the waking down community podcast at SoundCloud.com. If you put “waking down” in the search box, our podcast comes up first on the list.

    Another new opportunity we have for you is to go on the new WD Community Forum and join the conversation exploring Mutuality. We’ve designed the Forum as a private, moderated platform for WD community members only, so that we can create enough safety and structure for open and productive conversation. http://www.wakingdowncommunity.com

    For a follow-up conversation from this call you can go to the Forum section on WDCN activities and click on the WDCN call #3. To participate, you’ll need to set up a username and a password, which you can do on the http://www.wakingdowncommunity.com website. With the password you can log in and join the conversation and share about:

    • what tools have you used successfully
    • how you experience the alchemy of Mutuality
    • what’s challenging for you, what helps you lean in?
    • what other questions you have about Mutuality, and what would you like teachers’ perspectives on ?
    • Of course, there’s nothing better than being in mutuality with others directly. One way to do this is to get involved in a mutuality group, either online or in person, and develop peer relationships.

    To join a virtual mutuality group, you should contact interning WD teacher Gena Netten. You can find her contact information on her teacher’s page.

    There’s an ever-expanding list of mutuality groups listed on meetup.com. You can see them all by searching for the phrase “waking down in mutuality” and setting “any distance” in the proximity box. At last count, there were something like 21 WDM groups listed there.

    There’s also the Waking Down Community Facebook group where you can join collective conversations. Enter “waking down in mutuality community” in the Facebook search box, and then click the “join” button when the group page comes up. You will receive a welcome letter and just respond back that you have read the group guidelines and you will be added into the free group.

    You can find an updated list of upcoming workshops on the wakingdown.org website. From the home page, select EVENTS from the navigation menu, and drop down to “Workshops, Courses & Retreats” to see the list.

    You can also explore workshops and other offerings via teacher’s personal websites – for example you can read about CC Leigh’s upcoming course called A Year of Living Deeply at divinelyhuman.com.

    To stay up to date with all these different offerings, we suggest you get on the mailing lists of the Teachers Association, which is through the wakingdown.org website, the mailing list for Institute of Awakened Mutuality, which is through the awakenedmutuality.org website, Saniel and Linda’s email list from sanielandlinda.com, and also through direct mailings from the teachers themselves.

    Of course, we always like to encourage people to deepen their embodiment and capacity for mutuality by working with WD teachers and mentors. You can find bio’s and contact information for our amazing group of teachers and mentors at wakingdown.org

    Saniel offers an e-book called Opening the Gateway of Mutuality – which you can find in the books section of their webstore at sanielandlinda.com.

    This brings me to an important question – Did you get value from this community call? Would you like to know about community-related events in the future?

    If so, then I encourage you to join the WDCN & CLAIM mailing lists!!! After our next community call in June, the Teacher’s Association will no longer be sending out emailings on behalf of the Community Network. This means that if you want to hear about future free community conference calls, or new developments in community expression, volunteerings, cool projects, and community leadership, you need to join our mailing list!! Go to mutuality.net right now and enter your email address in the sign up box at the very top of the page.

    Another way that you can sign up for the WDCN mailing list is to shoot an email to WDCN@mutuality.net
    Benefits of being on list:

    • hear about community-based events, initiatives and resources
    • stay informed about WD community service & volunteer opportunities
    • hear about and participate in community polls and forum discussions

    CLAIM has sponsored this call and is a 501(c)(3) – you can give tax-deductible donations and support our efforts!! Sending CLAIM money directly supports projects like this call happening in the world and future events for community development and education.!!! You can share your tax deductible donations at http://www.inspiringmutuality.org/donate.
    You can join CLAIM’s email list and:

    • hear about new podcasts
    • hear news about mutuality groups and other support geared toward peer-led community group leaders
    • updates on Community Builder’s Handbook

    CLAIM website: http://www.inspiringmutuality.org/register

    Also if you have any comments, questions, or feedback about today’s conference call, we’d LOVE to hear from you. You can send us an email at WDCN@mutuality.net, or even better, we’d love for you to post comments on the community forum – we’ve created a separate topic for this conference call and feel free to express what you liked or didn’t like or would have liked. We really do want to hear from you. Again, the Forum can be found at wakingdowncommunity.com.

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